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Classes at the Gallery

Pinwheel offers classes exploring art and information related to the current exhibits.  

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Color Theory



July 17th


You are sitting at the table in the restaurant with only a pack of six crayons and the coloring pad the waitstaff gave the toddler who sat there before you.


Do you want to wow your date/co-workers/the coffee club/yourself with just these tools?

For a mere $25, get the materials and instruction to find out how to use these simple tools to create art that surprises even you!

*Adults Only


Advanced Stick Figure Drawing Class

If you regularly introduce your artistic talent as "I can ONLY draw stick figures" or "I can BARELY draw a stick figure" then YAY you, because for this class that is exactly what you need to be able to do! We can take that budding talent and build on it!

Are you ready to learn?

For $25, you get materials and 2 full hours of instruction and guidance to take your stick person to the next level!!

Wednesday, August 14th 7pm -9pm


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